The Blue Chameleon

The Blue Chameleon is the prodigy of Ballz to the Wall with much more dirt. Going from light O.D. to Distortion, it has got you covered. This beast has a Fatt switch to boost that bottom end if you think you’re lacking the bass to drive you speakers into the ground. Along with the Fatt switch, this pedal comes with a Clip control that juggles between L.E.D. clipping and a Germanium/Silicon mix, so that you can tune into your favourite sound no matter what the style. The Blue Chameleon is also top mounted to prevent pedal geeks heads from exploding while trying to place this box of bass on their board.ImageImageImage



Operation: Mono input, mono output.
Power Requirements: 9vDC Regulated power supply, polarity +(O-
Bypass: True-bypass using a 3PDT foot switch.
Volume – Controls the pedals output (this pedal has massive output, please use responsibly).
Clip – Allows for the selection or mixing between LED clipping and a Germanium/Silicon mix, counter-clockwise for Germanium/Silicon and clockwise for red LED clipping.
Gain – Adjusts the amount of distortion.
Fatt – Toggles the bass boost on and off.
Warranty: Limited 2-year
Chameleon Guts

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