The Fuss Box

Based off of the Hemmo Bazz Fuss, this pedal boasts massive output with gain galore. Unlike its younger brother, the Mini Fuss, the Fuss Box comes equipped with an extremely versatile Gain control. With it you can dial in some killer fuzz all the way down to the tiniest amount of clipping imaginable. Not only is this box of destruction tameable by it’s own gain control – but also by the volume control on your guitar. Just by turning your guitar down two notches, you can acquire godlike overdrive with the same great tone. Now, the cool part? If you want more or less bass, or even a different type of clipping, these can be outfitted to your specs – so that you can enjoy every minute of the experience, every time you turn it on.


Operation: Mono input, mono output.
Power Requirements: 9vDC Regulated power supply, polarity +(O-
Bypass: True-bypass using a 3PDT foot switch.
Volume/Swell – Controls the pedals output (this pedal has abnormal amounts of output, please use cautiously).
Gain/Fuzz – Adjusts the amount of fuzz
Warranty: Limited 2-year
Red LED Fuss Box
Red LED Fuss Box
Green LED Fuss Box
Green LED Fuss Box

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