The Mini Fuss

Sibling to the Fuss Box, and measuring in at 5.8cm x 5.4cm, the Mini Fuss still has enough power to blow the head clean off your cab. This tiny monster packs more fuzz than a peach while still maintaining a minuscule size that’ll fit anywhere. Even with only a volume control, this box can be more versatile than a swiss-army knife just by using the volume control on your guitar. It goes from burnt toast to soggy french fries in less than a hand movement . Top mounted for comfort, the Mini Fuss is perfect for that empty space that’s been haunting your board.



Operation: Mono input, mono output.
Power Requirements: 9vDC Regulated power supply, polarity +(O-
Bypass: True-bypass (3PDT Toggle, or 2PDT without LED indicator)or an old fashion non-true bypass Double Pole switch with an On/Off LED, the non-true bypass allows the volume control to affect the tone of your signal. 
Volume – Controls the pedal output (LED clipping Mini Fusses will have ungodly output, be careful).
Warranty: Limited 2-year



All done point-to-point by hand with no PCB
All done point-to-point by hand with no PCB

One thought on “The Mini Fuss

  1. The Mini Fuss has by far become my favourite pedal on my board! It packs a really smooth fuzz that breaks up perfectly as you roll the volume on giving me almost any fuzz tone I’m looking for. Gives me a tone my vintage Big Muff could never dial in at a quarter of the size! Love it!

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