Melon Boost

The Melon Boost, the pedal every tube amp owner should have. This pedal is an absolute beast – it has un-godly amounts of output that would rock the heavens. Great for driving those preamp tubes to the ground to get the dirt that you need, and much more. Unlike a clean boost, which just boosts your volume, this boost adds a touch of darkness to your tone – fattening it up in a luscious way that no other boost has done before. The Melon Boost is perfect for all uses: that  leg up on your rhythm guitarist, crunching you tubes like stale crackers, and straight boosting for that awkward pedalboard drop-off. This little box of terror is top mounted for the best fit on any pedalboard, and uses the standard 9vDC. (There is no battery compartment)

IMG_2635 IMG_2636 IMG_2637



Operation: Mono input, mono output.
Power Requirements: 9vDC Regulated power supply, polarity +(O-
Bypass: True-bypass using a 3PDT foot switch.
Volume – Controls the pedals output (this is a very loud boost when used with an amp with high headroom).
Warranty: Limited 2-year
Melon Boost Guts

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