The J-Fuss

The J-Fuss,  cousin to the Mini Fuss, on the Fuss Box’s father’s side,  puts out killer fuzz while still maintaining its virtually noiseless quality that makes it perfect for any low noise rig. The J-Fuss is not only noiseless, but it also uses one or the ‘cooler’ clipping types, JFET. A JFET transistor used as a clipping diode gives this tiny monster some serious family jewels with tons of output that can drive your amp until the cows come home. With singing highs and crunchy lows, all you need is a volume control to ensure you don’t blow up your speakers. However, it is still made very versatile just by using the volume control on your guitar, you can get really nice fuzzy overdrive thats perfect for some ‘peachy’ blues.


Operation: Mono input, mono output.
Power Requirements: 9vDC Regulated power supply, polarity +(O-
Bypass: True-bypass using a 3PDT foot switch.
Volume – Controls the pedal’s output.
Warranty: Limited 2-year



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