Custom audio cables from guitar patch cords to XLR and RCA.

Wire used is DELCO Clarity-Quad-Four, four conductor wire with a braided sheild.

Capacitance measured, per foot, using an HP LCR meter measuring from conductor to sheild is 30pF. A 30′ run of unbalanced cable has been tested, and the cable maintains less than a 0.5dB drop at 20kHz loaded.

Currently available colours are Red and White, Blue may be available (dependant on supplier stock).

All ends used are quality Neutrik branded, the standard being nickle plated – but gold plated connectors are avalible upon request.

All audio cables use destination grounding of the sheild for lower noise pickup on long cable runs.


Prices for the most commonly ordered (prices in CAD):


Guitar patchcord, 15′ – $65 (+$10 for gold plated connectors)

Guitar Patchcord, 20′ – $75 (+$10 for gold plated connectors)

Guitar Patchcord, 25′ – $85 (+$10 for gold plated connectors)

XLR Balanced, 20′ – $100

XLR Balanced, 30′ – $115

XLR Balanced, 40′ – $130

RCA, 5′, pair of two cables – $100 (Only gold plated)