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A phüz pedal, pronounced “fooze,” is a cross between a fuzz and a phaser. This unique type of effect was created by M2 in 2017 as an experiment and has since gained popularity due to its big fuzzy sound and dripping phaser. This pedal allows the user to blend a wet fuzz and dry fuzz together to acheive crazy sounds.

Gain – controls the gain of the fuzz.

Rate – controls the rate of the phaser.

Pre – controls the amount of signal sent to the last amplifier stage (used to clip the last stage).

Mix – controls the blend of wet adn dry fuzz, CCW is completely dry, CW is completely wet.

Level – controls the output level.




Supply voltage: 9VDC with +(o- polarity 2.1mm jack

Current draw: <25mA

Gain: spec coming soon

Input Impedance: >1MΩ

Output Impedance: 500k