Stereo Headphone Amplifier


A compact stereo headphone amplifier card.

A new revision of the Headphone Amplifier board has arrived, updated with the new card edge standard and higher output drive. Once they are tested for functionality and performance they will be made available for sale. The 102-101-02 will be retired and replaced with the newer revision 102-010-03.

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This stereo headphone amplifier card features a dual op-amp with boot-strapped output transistors that increase output drive capability. AC coupled input and outputs, DC feedback for bias and offset stability – requires a bipolar supply to run.

This board is part of the M2 Modular Series intended to be used as building blocks in larger designs.

102-010-02 Headphone Amplifier Schematic

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Dimensions 4 × 6 × 0.16 cm

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