Tek Parts

Owner Maurizio is a vintage Tektronix test equipment enthusiast, and enjoys collecting, using, and repairing old Tek gear. On this page will be various parts for sale that have been custom made or are spares from parts units. If you are interested in purchasing a part please contact us through the contact page. Prices are in USD.





COMING SOON: Tektronix mainframe extender cards! These are brand new, designed by M2 Circuits.

Tektronix 5000 Series and TM500 Series 11″ Extender Card – $60.004 in stock.

  • The newest revision of the TM500/5000 series extender card. The price includes the card edge connector, but is not assembled.

Tektronix 5000 Series and TM500 Series 11″ Extender Card, Test Run, $30.00 2 in stock.

  • These were part of a test batch and are not the final product, however, they do work. We have been using one to repair and calibrate our plugin modules since they came in. The listed price is for the card only, a connector can be requested. Regardless, a part number for the card edge connector will be provided.

Tektronix 7000 Mainframe 12″ Extender Card – $60.00 COMING SOON

5″ Tek CRT Clamp Replacement (3D Printed) – $10.00Available upon request.

  • Replace the cracked CRT clamp with a 3D printed equivalent. Uses the nut and bolt from the existing clamp.

Multican Replcement PCBs – $10.00In stock

  • Replaces the large metal can capacitors, and allows for 4 discrete modern ones to be installed instead.
  • They come as two per PCB panel and pop out by twisting them. The price is for one panel of two can replacements.