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“From the design to the paint job, everything is assembled and inspected by guitarists, for guitarists.”

M2 Circuits is a father-son owned boutique pedal business that operates out of Ontario, Canada. Here at M2 Circuits, we believe that you can find affordable hand-built pedals that will last a lifetime, and continue to produce their own unique sounds. Each pedal is crafted with care and precision, ensuring the best build quality possible. Quality control is performed thoroughly, testing sound and durability – ensuring customer satisfaction and an inspiring experience. We produce many shades of fuzz, distortion and overdrive, as well as tromolos and phasers. We are constantly expanding on new effects and concepts that stand out amongst the saturated boutique market.

Co-Owner Maurizio, testing some pedals before they are torn down to be painted.

Maurizio, with some freshly clear coated pedals.




One thought on “About”

  1. Hello Maurizio.
    It was so nice to meet to yesterday at Marks party. I am part of Sarah family. Hello to your mom too, she is very nice to talk too. It is very cool what you are doing. wishing all the best, I will send your website to a few friends music teachers I know. Great to see you and Sarah are having fun. Jessica Malacarne

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