M2 Circuits was started in 2013 by Maurizio Miserere with the focus of building boutique guitar pedals. Since then, the company has shifted its focus to the repair side of electronics.


Maurizio has been mentored by Tom McCartney – a former TEAC, Marantz, BSR, and Studer technician. Through Tom he has developed a well rounded knowledge of analog audio equipment and the repair and maintenance of it.


The experience with analog electronics does not stop at audio, as Maurizio has a keen interest in test equipment. His personal collection includes oscilloscopes, curve tracers, signal generators, current sources, multimeters, VTVMs, and power supplies. All of this has allowed for a chance to become well acquainted with the inner workings of test equipment, as many of these pieces were in need of repair.


To compliment the repair service, Maurizio continues to build custom designs from guitar pedals to preamps. Custom inquiries can be sent to m.squaredcircuits@gmail.com.


Alongside his love for electronics, Maurizio is a Classical Guitarist and Tubist studying at York University under renowned guitarist Brian Katz.  He ejoys all genres of music and also performs in a jazz combo called Tranzzit.


His shop is located in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.



One thought on “About

  1. Hello Maurizio.
    It was so nice to meet to yesterday at Marks party. I am part of Sarah family. Hello to your mom too, she is very nice to talk too. It is very cool what you are doing. wishing all the best, I will send your website to a few friends music teachers I know. Great to see you and Sarah are having fun. Jessica Malacarne

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