M2 Circuits was started in 2013 by Maurizio Miserere with the focus of building boutique guitar pedals. Since then, the company has shifted its focus to the repair side of electronics.

Maurizio worked at a local repair shop for a few years, where he developed a well rounded knowledge of analog audio equipment and the repair and maintenance of it. Alongside his working experience Maurizio has spent countless hours experimenting and learning electronics. He has studied topics ranging from discrete transistor circuits to vacuum tube technology. Since the beginning of his electronic journey he has filled shelves with books covering various electronic topics, including well known texts such as The Art of Electronics (P. Horowitz, W. Hill) and Small Signal Audio Design (Douglas Self). Other texts include vintage text books from the late 1960s and early 1970s that focus explicitly on tube and transistor technology. The understanding of such topics in important not only when designing products, but also essential in the troubleshooting of existing products.

The experience with analog electronics does not stop at audio, as one of Maurizio’s hobbies is repairing and restoring vintage test equipment. His personal collection includes oscilloscopes, curve tracers, signal generators, current sources, multimeters, VTVMs, and power supplies. His time spent inside of test equipment paved the way for a solid understanding of how they function.

Alongside his love for electronics, Maurizio is a Classical Guitarist and Tubist, and studied at York University under renowned guitarist Brian Katz. He graduated from York University in 2020 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Specialized Honors in Music. He enjoys all genres of music and directs the brass quintet, Bach on Brass, where he plays tuba and arranges most of the music for the group. He also performs in the jazz combo ‘Tranzzit’, playing electric and classical guitar.

His shop is located in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.


Maurizio’s work bench.