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Corey Biot, on page ‘Mini Fuss,’ VIEW

The Mini Fuss has by far become my favourite pedal on my board! It packs a really smooth fuzz that breaks up perfectly as you roll the volume on giving me almost any fuzz tone I’m looking for. Gives me a tone my vintage Big Muff could never dial in at a quarter of the size! Love it!

gcpeaxe, on page ‘Custom Shop,’ VIEW

Great pedal!! Awesome fuzz – solid and perfect size!! Gonna use it on next recordings! Tnks to Maurizio – M2 rocks ✌️💚👊

3 thoughts on “REVIEWS”

  1. Maurizio isn’t just a pedal builder, he’s also a guitarist with amazing chops and incredible ears. He tweaks each pedal like only a true guitar player can, coaxing out the best possible tones with every circuit. He puts his heart and soul into everything that he does, and these pedals are no different, so if you’re looking for top-notch pedals and hands-on customer service, look no further than M2!

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