A phüz pedal, pronounced “fooze,” is a cross between a fuzz and a phaser. This unique type of effect was created by M2 in 2017 as an experiment and has since gained popularity due to its big fuzzy sound and dripping phaser. This pedal allows the user to blend a wet fuzz and dry fuzz … More phüz

The Screaming Sausage

This all tube distortion is the newest thing from the lab here at M2. It uses two valve overdrives like the Infernus (based on the Valvecaster), but instead of having a solid state gain stage infront of either tube, one tube is used to drive the other in a series configuarion. The ‘Stereo/Mono’ switch expalined … More The Screaming Sausage


The same fuzz as In the Dark, with a brighter – and more versatile – tone control tweaked for a brighter response. It brings out the lows with a more glassy depth, and highs that sing through the thickest mix.     CONTROLS AND SPECS Operation: Mono input, mono output. Power Requirements: 9vDC Regulated power supply, polarity … More THE TONE WHEEL


This is for those who have fought the mighty battle of “Buffered vs Non-Buffered” guitar effects. The Loop Hoop gives you the ability to harbour buffered effects in a completely isolated Send and Return loop that can be switched into you chain or switched out, thus removing those pesky pedals that may ruin you favourite … More LOOP HOOP


A compressed and saturated Tube Overdrive from M2. Similar to Infernus, Infernus II is essentially the same pedal – just pushed a bit further to give a crunchy compressed distortion that blooms perfectly. Use it to drive tube amps or just to give your chords some edge.  Also has Tube Backlight as the Effect/Bypass indicator … More INFERNUS II


Sweet saturated sounds of tubes burning up in the atmosphere, great tone and versatility form just two knobs and a valve. This puppy puts out crispy distortion perfect for all types of styles and genres while keeping important things like lead and chord clarity at the top of its list. The great distortion is achieved … More Infernus

Mole Fuss

The Fuss Box equivalent for bass, same crunch and precision, tweaked for those epic bass lines that deserve some top notch fuzz that will cut through the band and keep those notes clear of mud. CONTROLS AND SPECS Operation: Mono input, mono output. Power Requirements: 9vDC Regulated power supply, polarity +(O- Bypass: True-bypass using a 3PDT foot switch. … More Mole Fuss

In the Dark

In the Dark is an extremely versatile fuzz capable of many sounds – from fuzz-overdrive to  crunchy fuzz, perfect for all kinds of applications. Along with that, it has one of the most versatile Tone controls that a fuzz pedal can have, ranging from very muffled and dark, all the way to bright and thin. … More In the Dark

The J-Fuss

The J-Fuss,  cousin to the Mini Fuss, on the Fuss Box’s father’s side,  puts out killer fuzz while still maintaining its virtually noiseless quality that makes it perfect for any low noise rig. The J-Fuss is not only noiseless, but it also uses one or the ‘cooler’ clipping types, JFET. A JFET transistor used as … More The J-Fuss

Tone Cactus

The Tone Cactus, an active tone filter that takes any old fuzz or distortion, and takes it to a whole new level – giving it more depth and a versatile tone range. You can also use it with your clean signal to give it a darker tone, or a light funky sound that really pops. … More Tone Cactus