Multicap PCB – 1.375″


Replace multi-section capacitor cans in vintage equipment with these PCBs!

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These replace the standard 1.375″diameter cans. The boards hold up to four capacitors with a maximum diameter of 13mm and a lead spacing of 5mm. Holes are provided for press-fitting test points which can be used as solder lugs. Test points are not supplied, however the part numbers are provided in the manual.

The price is for one panel of two boards. Boards may be separated from the panel by twisting or by cutting the retaining tabs.

Note: these boards will not work for every application, as some cans are soldered or crimped to the chassis. Please read the downloadable PDF manual which outlines the limitations of the boards.

Multicap PCB Manual

Price in CAD

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Dimensions 10 × 7 × 0.16 cm

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